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A Painted Tree.
December 10, 2111

The currently “hot” political issue in Latvia is the consequence of a successful signature gathering campaign that will lead to a Referendum of whether the 2nd official Latvian language ought also be Russian.

While most everyone believes that the outcome of the Referendum cannot be anything but an AGAINST vote against the Russian language becoming an official second language, is this necessarily so?

This writer’s sympathies were revealed when in a 1991 paper, he suggested that the official language of Latvia be in the future English, with Latvian and Russian languages playing their role within the subjective realm known as “home”. The writer’s failure to learn Russian after a total of twenty-seven years in Latvia, Russian ancestry on the mother-side, and believing the Latvian Children of Johns’ Festival to be a relic of Russian Orthodox festivals in the distant past when the forests still ruled the surface of planet Earth, attests to a view paradoxical of the one that some readers are likely to already see as AN ANTI-Latvian orientation. No doubt, I favor the Latvian language as a language of the subjective over its officialese, for which trouble I have a couple of self-published books of translations in English of Latvian folk-poems to show.

Wood for the Temple Complex.
In any case, the possibility that the anticipated AGAINST vote may not be so overwhelming as the reps of the oligarchs in the Latvian Saeima expect. There may not be any “Ureka!” for the fascist-nationalists which is but an small inflection from “Hurraa!” . The “Hurraa!”  role ill befits the descendants of the Children of Johns, who never addressed the Sun as “Saule”, but always as “Saulihte” or Dear Sun. “Saulite” is a word, that should be the first word in the Latvian national anthem. “Dievs” (God) was put there by by sn exercise in metamorphosis, a romanized view of life the--of the lighthouse on the hill--the romanization beginning about the 18th , which puts my great great-grandfather in the Herrnhuter ranks. My grandfather's cardinal rule was "never speak ill of anyone while at the dinner table" No one did, and learned resentment instead.

The Roman instilled tradition and presumption of substituting human lives for lack of self-discipline, rather than become able to reflect on life and act with mindfulness, occupies a large place in the content box of Latvian consciousness. Therefore, with the help of teaching the Latvian mind to do a little hocus pocus in the mind-set, it may come to see the romanizing (a way of metaphormozing one religion into another) as a an event that can be understood, as when a vision of Romans become Enterprisers (Uznehmehyi) is repeated often enough to seem natural. Thus men identified as Latvian Oligarchs. Meanwhile, the taking human life has been dubstituted by substituting human life with economic depravation (called ‘Capitalism with a Heart’ in America), nevertheless leading to an economic death for an entire society and culture somewhere else.

Having joined NATO, Latvians now officially participate in such distant, distasteful and ultimately ill serving violent events appearing out of the sky and out of the blue, for which they contribute 2% of the annual wealth of the Latvian people''

I have to confess that I often call people by the name of populists. The Latvians call themselves “tauta”). I believe that the word “tauta”, it is a synonym (albeit denied in the media) for Latvian "tautas" way of identifying themselves as  populists. The Latvian media gives evidence of many tendencies to bend Westward, which means it is from the ceiling in the room below and the enourmous magnet beaming pro-Roman beams and, therefore eternally, pro-West slanted, because it knows little or nothing of the history of the West and even less of "tauta". It will not permit itself to associate populism with the word “tauta”, which it nevertheless obviously means.

So, the issue of removing the Russian language, and replacing it with Latvian in schools which heretofore have been teaching in Russian, has been met by over 180,000 signatures gathered by the Russian speaking Latvians to make Russian officially Latvia’s 2nd language. Now the extreme rightists, having earlier gathered significantly less votes for their initiative against the language at school, are raising their voices in angst, and saying that the large number of Russian signers was but a Russian “protest vote”. Apparently the kids gave up smoking cigarettes to start smoking mini cigars.

Not likely that it was but a PROTEST VOTE!


Who knows how many Latvians will sympathize with having their State free of corruption, having a Government where corruption by way of Romanization, becomes Catholicization, becomes Monetization and becomes Globalization. Still, this is how my rear-view mirror projects the psyche (mind set) of the current government and how iit shows naked with its regard for the place and role the State has in its heart of hearts.

The Painted Tree as A Gate Post.
 The AGAINST Russian vote may perhaps be nullified by adding to the “FOR” and “AGAINST” vote, a third vote, one that is AGAINST, BUT FOR, MAKING THE REFERENDUM NOT BINDING

For this to happen  the Chairman of the Elections Office, Cimzars, must resign, because he is a committed “One Systems Man”. When in an earlier Referendum, he refused to agree that it is legitimate under the present law to make place for a square that would allow one to NOT-VOTE , by likening such an interpretation of democracy as being anti-State, because to think so means to think anti-state.

Thus, for Latvians, the question in the upcoming  Referendum in is whether it is "TAUTA" who is the rightful owner of the LATVIAN STATE, or whether the State is corrupt AND XENOPHOBIC?

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