Thursday, December 15, 2011

This blog in 2 parts. This is part 2.

A Mindset Meme Reflected in a Temple Gong.
 Unortunately ever since the Latvians became infected by the Roman meme or for that matter with Zatler’s Reform Party approach to politics, et al, raises the question BUT WHAT IF the vote FOR making RUSSIAN the 2nd official language in Latvia were nevertheless to receive a majority vote. What would then be the consequences (predicted to be dire) to the existence of the Latvian state?

The first question that is raised is: Whether the Latvian Russian speaking public would try to eliminate the state of Latvia by inviting Moscow to come and to occupy Latvia once more?
During the last few days, the Latvian media is doing everything it can to emphasize the demonstrations in Moscow and Petersburg against former Prime Minister of Russia Vladimir Putin. It is a noticeably directed campaign and  against all matters Russian.
If the news media emphasis on protests in Moscow is based on an internalized  opposition or whether it is directed INTERFERENCE by out outside intelligence, interjected and dispersed throughout the publicē organism in haphazard fashion cannot be known for sure at this time. To start a run for your money at the bank is an clever tactic to xtir Spurious Togetherness to resemble a mass orgasm. But that is apparetly  the tactic of governsment propaganda when honesty fails to carry authority.
If Latvians of certain political orientations could but cause Mr. Putin  to retreat before the army of liberal Russians in Moscow, perhaps they could entice the same liberal democracy seekers to invite themselves to Latvia, thish would double the number of Latvians of Russian descent in Riga.
Never mind, that the setting of the Latvians language in opposition to the Russian language is not a pleasant posiition for Latvian to be in.

One may imagine that an INVIGORATED Latvian Russian language arises out of the challenge as soon as tomorrow. If Latvians came to feel intimidated before Russian speaking Latvians, perhaps they would also fear a RESURRECTED LATVIA, because the culture of such an entity would likely embrace  Latvia with its historic Slavic connections. It is sensibly enough not to have to fight another Finnish-Russian War in days when there is no Stalin around.
It is possible to imagine that a Latvian-Russian or Russian-Latvian may evolve a slavic dialect all its own, perhaps to be known as Rigaslav, a word that sounds close the Chehoslav. Riga is in the prefix, because that is where in Latvia  the Latvian Russians are most concentrated.
I write this as I imagine Russian becoming the 2nd language of Latvia? Before the Latvian Nationalist suggested this possibilithy, I had not thought of the possibility in a serious way.
Among one of the first reactions is likely to be to start teaching Latvian speaking children English beginning with the first or other early grade as in many European countries . Since then Russians would not wish to stay behind the trend toward globalization, their children would study English in the same gradēs as the Latvian children. The language in Latvia in the future may, therefore, be called Let-rus..
If a change in official languages were to become real, the competition between Latvians and Russian ethnic descendants may become sharper, and children in Latvian kindergartens would be exposed to English at least on the speaking level at very early ages.
Some well known words of Latvian folk songs, such as begin with „Puht vehyinyi, dzen laivinyu....”, the children would know to sing in English („Blow ye winds where you must,/ send me on to Kur-ze-me!”
Children, before they ever came to learn the words of the song in  Latvian would know  itw words in English. „Blow ye winds where you muts,/ send me on to Kur-ze-me! ”
When the children who learn to sing „Kur tu teci, kur tu teci, galīti manu” render the song to their kindergarten mates in England or Ireland as „What’s up? What’s up? You little rooster of mine?” and some Latvian rockers change the words of the song to an unorthodox reinterpretation and sing: „Uz kurieni tu tā steidzies? Uz kurieni tu tā steidzies, gailīti manu?” and the "Canibal Corpse" troiupe, a brutal death metal ansemble catchhes on and sings: „His ways are super,/ his ways are single minded,/ The doll that's with me cannot do without him.”
When a Latvian begins to think of the many evolutions that the words of Latvian folk songs can go through—the Latvian Russians would catch on, too. Wow!
The Meme of a Sunlit Tree.
In my previous blog, I allowed myself to imagine removing myself to proto-Latvian times, when I sang the Latvian national anthem, to the words: „Saulīt, svētī Latviju,/ mūs dārgo dzimteni,/ apstaro, ak apstaro/ mūs Latviju,” Incidentally, the last punishment that the Latvian Sun Goddess, Saule, punished the all-too-clever Clever John was to present him with a bearskin vest in the summer.

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